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That said I am still keen to maintain this thread so I should have a meaty enough reply for you by next weekend.However, the use of the lower drivers value can be overridden.It specifies the amount of data that can be contained in a TCP segment.If you change the interface MTU (router or end node) then all systems connected to the same broadcast domain (wire and hub) must run the same MTU.

Its a TCP level item, so if an IP packet gets fragmented in transit, the MSS refers to the amount of data in the TCP segment of the re-assembled packet.Therefore, PMTUD does not help and all large-packet transmission attempts through this link fail.

A workaround in Cisco IOS Software releases with Cisco bug ID CSCdk15279 ( registered customers only) integrated is to increase the tunnel IP MTU to 1500B.MTU: Set it to equal the required MTU size in decimal (default 1500).

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Enable Path MTU Discovery at Registry Guide for Windows

It now is holding onto 7 bytes of data for potential retransmission.Windows 7 and Vista. You can only change the MTU value with elevated privileges.For further information, refer to the man page for ndd on an HP-UX 11 system.Sometimes a router has a link with a large (1500 byte) MTU, but the router is unable to deliver a datagram of that size over that link.

The IP sender never learns the smaller path MTU but continues unsuccessfully to retransmit the too-large packet, until the retransmissions time out.

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Fragmentation adversely affects TCP throughput and network congestion.This should only be attempted by experienced system administrators because mistakes can render the system unbootable.However when I restart my computer and check the mtu setting again, it.

After these registry changes are done, reboot in order to apply the changes.The endpoints of a TCP will not be perfectly in sync with each other as to what the current window size of a direction of the TCP connection for the duration of the TCP connection.

Where do you look (in the TCP stream) to find the RWIN in use.That fits completely in the window size, so it sends the 5 bytes.This causes the IP sender to send their datagrams with the DF flag clear.The sender gets the ACK with an acknowledgement number of 10 and window size of 7.This document provides examples on the configuration nodes to adjust the IP Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU), TCP Maximum Segment Size (MSS), and IP Path MTU Discovery.

It is sometimes useful to view and set the Maximum Transmission Unit.This parameter overrides the default MTU for a network interface.After these registry changes are done, reboot to apply the changes.A workaround is to configure the sending nodes to do one or both of these actions.

A potential workaround is to configure a smaller MTU on the router interfaces attached to the problematic link.The following questions are based on my using of Wireshark with a Win7 client to view the frames in a TCP stream.