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Learn how to change Netflix regions to USA using Smart DNS or VPN.Netflix will detect that you are in the US and it will automatically show you the new content.Since the library difference can sometimes be huge, people try to find ways to get around and watch US netflix so many of them stumbled upon something called VPN.

Get access to US Netflix abroad, Canadian Netflix abroad, UK Netflix abroad and several other Netflix regions.

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Another option is something like Hotspot Shield, which was mentioned above.In addition to being able to use Netflix USA you are also unlocking many other services through your subscription to I mostly look forward to finally being able to use Pandora again, but have also been playing around with the free version of Hulu and am fairly happy with that.Giving you a message implying that you are using a VPN system or a location blocker, and asks you to turn it off so you can access their content.

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How to get American Netflix on Wii. (e.g. Canadian) Netflix account and you want to switch it to US do following: 1.The program I use to watch US Netflix in Mexico is called ExpressVPN.Netflix Canada Netflix has made its way into more than 80 million users homes around the world.

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There are several other options that you can use to access the American content on Netflix.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a software of service that allows you to encrypt you data by making it pass through a secure virtual server.

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Once all of that is out of the way, creating an account at is a simple process that will also start with a free 1 month trial.

In addition to these you will be able to access Amazon Video, Pandora, Hulu, ESPN3, MTV, CBS, Fox, ABC, NBC, and even some British sites such as The BBC and ITV.I use my Xbox for USA Netflix and my ps3 for Canadian Netflix and get the best of.After configuring the subscription and paying your first month you will be able to continue using the service and will have not have to complete this step again.In my article I suggested Entropay as they have already blocked access to Canadian Paypal accounts so it seemed likely they would follow up with Canadian credit cards.

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Best Answer: not unless you lie about where you live. us canadian do the same just to get your US version of netflix.

In the past you would have needed to cancel your Canadian subscription and reregister for an American account.How To Get American Netflix In Canada 0:01 How to. do ever want to stop unblocking Netflix and go back to the Canadian.

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A VPN can also be used to get around the country restrictions.Netflix no longer distinguishes between Canadian and American accounts.

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American Netflix - Watch US Netflix. the UK version from the US or Canada, or the Canadian version from.

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How to watch American Netflix from USA. how to change your Netflix country and watch American Netflix (or Canadian,.

Please video the above Knowledge Base link for those DNS settings.

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Keep your Canadian Acct and purchase your ip blocker.Unotelly is great because it lets me instantly switch between Canadian and US Netflix.