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This is a very dated film, from an era when the PG-13 rating was far less restrictive.

Title: Scary Movie (2000) 6.2. track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet.Many Hollywood studios have tried, but all the stars and all the special effects were never quite able to make Godzilla as exciting and scary as this first film, where hes cast first as a gradually solved mystery, before transitioning to being a walking embodiment of disaster.Summary: Another great film of German expressionism, Murnaus adaption of Faust is more romantic and less dark than the original play.Age Range: 8-13 Summary: Though lacking the great musical numbers (and Rick Moranis), the original Little Shop of Horrors is still a strange little black comedy that shows the quirks of Roger Cormans film-making style.

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The special effects will render it more cheesy than chilling to a modern viewer, but it still has moments.

Age range: 8-13 Summary: Tim Burton and Danny Elfman tried to recapture the magic of The Nightmare Before Christmas with this adaptation of a Russian folk tale.Though based on anecdotal evidence from women who saw Labyrinth as young girls, there is the risk that it will imprint David Bowie upon your daughters conception of sexuality.Still, its at the right level of being scary without being traumatizing.

Diablo is up to his old tricks but gets foiled by a little girl on scary.

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Summary: Ishiro Hondas film is the definer of the Kaiju genre, and a deserved classic of the genre of 50s science fiction.

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Type: Aliens Risk of Trauma: Mild Age Range: 5 to 13 Summary: Mario Bavas science fiction film is classic atom age space wonder, and the moody sets were an inspiration for Ridley Scotts Alien.During this Halloween season of scary movies, learn about the impact of what we let our kids watch.

Summary: A defining film of expressionist cinema, The Cabinet of Dr.Age Range: 8 to 13 Summary: Bela Lugosi was never finder than this, as the voodoo wizard Murder Legendre.Top 100 Horror Movies. Movies with 40 or more critic reviews vie for their place in history at Rotten Tomatoes.Halloween Movies For Kids 23 Movies to Get Your Kids in the Halloween Spirit.

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23 Top Halloween Movies for 2016 - Best Scary Movies for Scary Movie: Anna Faris, Jon Abrahams, Marlon Wayans, Carmen Electra, Dave Sheridan, Frank B.A perfect meeting of writing, acting, music, and practical effects.The Nothing is scary, as is the wolf monster, and theres also the scene in the swamps.There is violence, but it tends not to be gory- the monsters of the film explode or turn into stone when subjected to sunlight or the equivalent thereof.The movies we see as children have a power we spend the rest of our lives trying to understand.

Victor Halperins moody Caribbean gothic established the concept of the zombie in pop culture, but his films sticks to the classic mythical version- mindless people, rather than rotting cannibalistic corpses.Films for kids and families are usually broad, bright, and loud.

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These free kids movies can all be found at websites...A classic of 50s paranoia with a twist that every child will empathize with.

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Summary: One of the highlights of Vince Prices career, the Fly is a perfect example of the 1950s B-Movie genre.You may want to cut out before the ending (skip the last three minutes).But theres no body horror to fear here, just a lot of eerie music and paranoia as the crew tries to figure out whos still human.Skip the scene at 34 minutes, where the villains drain a creature of his life essence.

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Skip the ending five minutes, where we see the main characters comeuppance, and the rest of the film is fine.But in between that, the demon Mephistopheles has his moments of menace.Summary: Joe Dantes sequel is more Warner Brothers cartoon done in live action than horror,thanks to numerous sequences of the Gremlins being silly.Summary: You are probably familiar with I am Legend, the big budget, vastly inferior adaptation of Robert Mathesons horror classic about a world taken over by vampires.Browse new family movies, Disney movies and more new DVD and Blu-ray releases for kids at

There is some real violence in this film, and the monsters have enough 1980s magic effects.